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Internationals welcome!

What Awaits You

Refuel Your Energy

Leave the city behind and explore nature. Just log off, paddle and let your soul swing. Five days in nature with caring people around, plus sun and warmth - this will allow you to escape daily life and dive into new leadership experiences. Discover the legendary hospitality and helpfulness of Hungarians.

Challenge Yourself

Conquering the river Bodrog together in one boat implies not only a physical challenge; rather, mind, heart and soul mark the center. Overcoming tasks together leads to group processes that will confront you with the otherness of the others - different backgrounds, needs and skills of your team members.

Escape Your Conditioning

Find your way to Tokaj and venture into the unknown! Let go of your normal environment. Back to the roots: Recognize your daily conditioning and patterns, and then free yourself from them. Practice different, more intense interactions with your fellow travellers than how you would have them in your usual contexts. Even shopping can become an adventure in Hungary’s outback.

(Re)Discover Yourself

Five days with others in one boat provide lots of space for new experiences about your self-perception and perception by others. How do you lead yourself and others? How does collective leadership emerge? Which of your patterns and shadows appear and how do they influence your impact in the group? What really matters to you? Connect yourself with your dreams and desires.

Flow and Details

Tokaj, Hungary

12.-16.8.2024 in Tokaj, Hungary

16.-20.6.2025 in Tokaj, Hungary


Rocking down the Bodrog together with cool people. More people means more challenges means more energy and dynamic and a greater potential for personal development.


Are you excited to develop yourself further?

Do you want to spend a fantastic time with us?

Are you ready for TheTribeChallenge?


Join us on a five-day journey - inside and outside.  Five long days that will be over fast - and that may be the beginning of something greater.


Also without speaking German, you are welcome. Most probably there will be an international boat, and while sessions in the large group might be in German, there will be translation to English - and most dynamics happen in your team anyways.

5 days of conquering the Bodrog in a canoe

Start and finish: Tokaj, scenic and legendary wine village: “Wine of kings and king of wines” (Louis XIV, 1703)

Day 0: Arrival in Tokaj, informal get-to-know in the evening.

Day 1: Kickoff after a shared breakfast and short briefing: You, the other participants and your boat are driven up the river. Once at the entry point, you depend on each other to arrive at the day’s final destination.

Day 2-4: Short daily briefings, breakfast in your Tribe, paddling. Workshops / shopping and cooking in the group, Tribe Time with reflection in your group.

Day 5: Last leg on the river, arrival in Tokaj, final reflection and party together.

Day 6: Individual return home or enjoying Hungary a little; recommendation for stopover: thermal bath in the natural grotto/cave in Miskolc.


The Topics of the 5 Days


Who is in my boat? What connects us? How do we complement

each other? What can we learn from and with each other?



How do I experience (construct/sense) my world? What are my belief systems,

values and patterns? What happens when I experiment with them?



How do I want to live? What do I want

from life? What do I gift to the world?



How do I want to live and experience leadership? How do I lead myself

and others? What means collective leadership for me, my Tribe, my world?



How do I have impact within me, within my profession and within

my environment? How do I want to live and intensify this impact?



Appreciation and Costs

Welcome to your journey of self-exploration with 5 experienced facilitators/coaches, 5 days of intense learning, group dynamics and self-reflection in Hungary’s nature. The price includes:

  • Organization
  • Workshops & facilitation
  • Boat rental incl. lifejackets & waterproof barrels for luggage
  • Starter package with groceries for the first two days on the water
  • Camping fees



Individual participants

The price for private participants is

950,- €

If you want to participate under all circumstances, but at the moment the price does not fit you for whatever reason, please talk to us, we will surely find a solution.


Corporate participants / business clients

Living leadership in a new context, challenging and questioning yourself. Recharging your energy for greater missions.

1950,- €



Based on the feedback that we gathered after our last TribeChallenge, we are so convinced of the value of this experience, that we offer you a 100%-satisfaction-guarantee. In case the tour does not fulfil your expectations, you get your participation fee (incurred costs deducted) back. No questions asked.



With your confirmation, your registration becomes binding. Withdrawal: until 8 weeks before tour start: 50,- € processing fee, after that until tour start: 50% refund. Of course a substitute person can be designated.


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